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INP-1421 - Integrate Symfony Console Component

Authored by alex on May 13 2015, 3:28 PM.



The following files must have svn:executable attribute with * value set on them:

  • /in-portal
  • /tools/
Test Plan
NOTE: All tests would happen in shell (e.g. in Bash).
  1. go to In-Portal installation root folder
  2. do composer install after applying patch
  3. run source ./tools/ to enable auto-complete
  4. confirm, that no error happens from running this command
  5. confirm that you type in-portal (note space at the end) and then press TAB twice then following suggestions will be shown:
    • cache:reset
    • classmap:rebuild
    • event:run
    • help
    • list
  6. delete the file_hashes.php files in each module (you can do a global search and then delete all what's found)
  7. run in-portal classmap:rebuild command
  8. confirm, that similar (might be more/less rows and times might differ) table is shown
| Path                    | Scanned in | Parsed in |
| .../core                | 0.0170s    | 0.0127s   |
| .../modules/custom      | 0.0018s    | 0.0015s   |
| .../modules/in-auction  | 0.0019s    | 0.0021s   |
| .../modules/in-bulletin | 0.0018s    | 0.0017s   |
| .../modules/in-commerce | 0.0062s    | 0.0060s   |
| .../modules/in-link     | 0.0014s    | 0.0016s   |
| .../modules/in-news     | 0.0008s    | 0.0013s   |
  1. confirm, that file_hashes.php files where created in each module
  2. run in-portal cache:reset command
  3. confirm, that error happens
  4. type in-portal cache:reset -- (note space at the end) and press TAB twice
  5. confirm that among others there are these cache reset options:
    • --admin-sections
    • --mod-rewrite
    • --sms-menu
    • --unit-data
    • --all-keys
    • --templates
    • --unit-files
  6. run in-portal cache:reset -h command
  7. confirm that help text is shown for each option
  8. run the in-portal cache:reset command with each of the options separately
  9. confirm that:
    • corresponding cache are reset (each option matches to a button in System Tools section with same name)
    • the cache name is shown before cache reset is done
    • the OK is shown after cache was reset (there can be delay between cache reset start and finish for large caches)
  10. try specifying seveal options at once
  11. confirm that all of specified caches are reset
  12. run the in-portal event:run command
  13. confirm, that error is shown
  14. run in-portal event:run adm:OnDeploy command
  15. confirm, that event was executed

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