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INP-1436 - PHP 7 compatibility issues

Authored by alex on May 30 2015, 5:02 PM.


Test Plan
NOTE: All tests are to be performed on PHP 7. There are virtual machines with PHP 7 if you don't have it.
  1. change any SQL that will be executed
  2. open the page, where SQL should be executed
  3. open debugger
  4. confirm, that SQL is properly reported as containing error
  5. open any list of items (e.g. in Admin Console)
  6. confirm, that debugger doesn't container any notices about $Array usage
  7. open list of links in a category on the Front-End
  8. confirm, that debugger doesn't container any notices about $Array usage
  9. create new form in Website & ContentForms section
  10. for that form enable e-mail communication on tab with same name (fields in Bounce sub-section aren't required)
  11. for that form create Name and Email fields, which needs to be mapped to Name and Email roles in e-mail communication
  12. send an e-mail to e-mail address specified during form configuration
  13. run tools/cron.php script from CLI to check that e-mail for new messages
  14. confirm, that new form submission have appeared in Website & ContentFormsYour Form Name section

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Turns out I've forgot to update 2 more files having PHP4-style constructors in them:

  • core/units/helpers/json_helper.php
  • core/units/categories/cache_updater.php
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Replaced PHP4-style constructors in a few more classes.

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